Vienna still being Most Livable City

Most livable cities for seven years in a row in a survey

Streets of Vienna, Austria

Visit this city's in late spring, cool weather lovers embracing thousands weekend in this city, even though the settlers in this town missed the warmth of the sun, but tourists always want to present directly here.

The shadow of the past, the architecture of the building that symbolizes the triumph of medieval Europe go hand in hand with modern urban life angle. Likewise, residents of the city, enjoy the city on foot, enjoying the city parks, the area that maintain the values ​​of culture and art, become the healthiest city in the world.

Vienna was performed as befits a city that is responsible for the quality of life of its citizens while at anyone who wants to enjoy the hospitality of the city, as a simple example is a transportation system that is spoiling anyone, easy and convenient, from the bus, horse-drawn carriage, to the tram.

Do not be surprised if the city became the most livable cities, for seven consecutive years, through a survey of a world consulting firm, Mercer, to hundreds of cities around the world. Cities are able to provide the best quality of life among 230 other cities in the world, citing news from the Telegraph, the survey measured based on several factors such as political stability, crime, currency values, recreational facilities, residential areas and also the local climate.

Office Government, Munich - Germany

As tourists present in a city, always wanting to enjoy the uniqueness of a city, it is recognized that the survey provides interesting results, five other cities in Europe that dominates in the top ten. They include two cities in Switzerland, Zurich and Geneva, as well as three German cities such as Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

To get the top ten most livable cities in the world, then the following cities received attention, such as Auckland, Vancouver, Copenhagen and Sydney.

The beauty of the atmosphere, the air is cool and comfortable, making tourists can be lulled by it all, there's always something special awaits when you are present in these cities, such as music, art, culture, cuisine, natural beauty, the friendliness of the city which later became a lifestyle are integrated into everyday life. So who wants to turn it down?

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images W Sjahran, P Widi Hatmi)


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