Chinese New Year Celebrations Coloring All Activities of Chinese Citizens

Bright red color is present in different places and headed in different directions

Celebrating the Chinese New Year or Sincia, making us surrounded by various Imlek trinkets, various kinds of dishes, pastry baskets, handicrafts hunted many Chinese citizens to enliven the celebration with family or as souvenirs.

Like a great day other religious adherents, this time Chinese citizens in a variety of places to look busy, with ties and spanned thousands of years ago, they wanted to return to their homes, up to do with the family and relatives and friends. Look at the activities of Chinese citizens, for example in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, they miss home, back to a time that is always remembered, a long way, from different countries and back home.

So it goes, the era of overseas Chinese nation, a first period 300-400 BC during the Chou dynasty, after a long time, keep the tradition, and celebrate the new year by holding a party festive meals in the new year, people with each other congratulates the expression Sin Chun Kiong Hie, which means Happy Spring New Year, although the term spring occurs only in mainland China.

Has become a tradition, Chinese citizens despite having many offspring, perhaps even switching the trust, and no longer the faiths of Confucianism, but the tradition of celebrating the new year is always a bond of culture, a great nation that has done so centuries ago. They will go to shrines, temples or kelenteng, zodiac lit, incense, then celebrated with the expulsion of evil beings, through Barongsay dance and lighting firecrackers.

A tradition that has lasted since the centuries, prayers to the Creator of Nature, God Almighty, right on the 1st day of the 1st month of the Chinese calendar, the Chinese people back to pray at the altar.

After that just say, Happy New Year to the family. Happy Chinese New Year 2567 - the Monkey Year. Gong Xi Fat Choy!

(Source CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail /Images H Yohana, F AM Pandi, M Kretyawan)


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