Children under 12 years old should not be longer fly alone

The new regulations set by the British airline

Flight behavior that often occurs in children when their parents can not participate in flight, in certain respects. Some airline with a certain considerations deem it necessary to apply new regulations related to children in an air flight.

It might, their mother had been waiting at the destination airport, while the father may not be able to participate, because the life gets an urgent task.

This occurs in airline British Airways, which became known as the "Flying Nanny" airline who take care of children aged 12 and under to fly alone in the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service, but there was a downward trend in the service of UM in the last ten years, reduced two-thirds, down to 21 percent last year.

Citing reports from the site of the Independent, related airline did not announce this decision widely, but the changes are already visible. For example, a message from the airline announced a limited basis, "These continue to receive bookings for people aged 12 to 18 who want to fly independently. However, children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or more."

Of all reasonable, and can give a feeling of disappointment of the families of the passengers, given its own flight behavior for children is long overdue, as it happens to be an author and historian, Juliet Barclay.

The author recounts that long ago, when she was the little girl as the UM service users. "Regularly I flew between London and the Caribbean with my brother and a bunch of kids on a BA flight. Sometimes we were allowed to help distribute food tray."

Articles on the site depict a long experience of children who fly alone, unaccompanied by their parents, and the experiences of Juliet Barclay, who is now a parent, have been using the UM service Virgin Atlantic, "Good. My daughter flew several times to join me when I was working in Cuba."

This can happen, because until now, Virgin Atlantic still provide the UM service, although a couple of other airlines are starting to consider to follow the policy of British Airways.

Certainly the airline has its own reasons, all subject to change, a lot of things going on and the passengers will adjust to the changes in the world of aviation.

(Source S Galikano - Indonesia CNN, Independent /Images M Kretyawan, J Tobing)


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