‘Beer Fountains’ valued at US$ 400 thousands

A place located in the small town Žalec, Slovenia

The Fountains - illustration

Drinking beer is an entertaining moment when unwind, the opportunity to enjoy a drink while relaxing with friends, make time to talk and exchange ideas while mild, without excessive load. The liver becomes fun while sharing with friends, or anyone close to the heart.

Do you like beer? Believe this event a good news for fans of beers from around the world, and become a promotion for this drink itself. Certainly!

Now what if the opportunity to drink beer made by receiving it through the fountain, and will soon be completed in a little town, Žalec.

The building of this beer fountain will be the first on the European continent, and get approval from the city government, it can then be built soon. According to excerpts of the sites New York Post, which wrote about the enthusiasm of the citizens in the plan, the city with a population of around five thousand people, and became the area of land that could produce brewer.

This development plan would be able to attract the world's attention to the local tourism, let's say you visit it one day, and got a chance to try it. Because visitors can enjoy the drink directly, and where you can enjoy three small glasses of beer at a cost of approximately USD 7.0.

Interesting idea for anyone, even for newcomers to the city, and tourists will get a different sensation while enjoying a beer. Townspeople will welcome anyone, as will be said by the Mayor Žalec, Janko Kos, the beer fountain project is not cheap, but at least could make the city more noticed by many people and even printed on the map.

Alright then. Congratulations to beer drinkers!

(Source T Wahyuni - Indonesia CNN, New York Post /Image M Kretyawan)


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