Niagara Falls will Drained

Niagara will be turned off temporarily for essential repair process

Waterfalls provide an extra ordinary charm and become one of the important icons in the world of tourism in the United States, the waterfalls are located in the state of New York, is simply amazing American-owned stunning waterfalls shared with Canadian region. And when you are present in this region, around the waterfall will be prepared to get wet. Interesting right?

Niagara Falls in the Indian language means the water that rumbles, located in the city center, Niagara Falls, a small town that provide exciting entertainment and relaxing in the middle of the beauty of the waterfall to visitors of this city.

However, a recent significant news cites a tourist site, because the US government intends to shut down this waterfall to dry. Only for a short while only.

From an article in Lonely Planet, said that the affected part of 'dewatering' or drying is the American Falls, one of three large waterfalls at Niagara, while the area of ​​Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls will not be affected.

Of course you will ask, why is this done? There is a bridge that had been used as a medium of trolleys, cars, pedestrians to pass through the town near Niagara Falls that also often used by tourists to see the Goat Island. The bridge is 115 years old and has reached its maximum age, so the experts associated with recreation, history and preservation will use the period of dewatering to examine the structure and fix it.

Likewise excerpt from CNN can explain it, "Drying is needed as well for two reasons. There is an old bridge aged 115 years that need to be demolished, and construction of a new bridge requires dry conditions so that a new foundation stuck firmly in the bedrock," as the report of the New York State Parks and Transportation Agency.

Hard choice of the United States government, to destroy, or to extend the drying time up to nine months, and according to Angela Berti, a spokesman for the New York State Parks and Transportation Agency this process all does not happen in the near future, it needs time to prepare for the process, so that its implementation , will take place 3-7 years.

A sigh of relief, isn't it?

All government measures will not disappoint the tourists, they can understand this condition, but not a few were disappointed. There is still time to see it in the near future, do not hesitate.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, CNN /Images Elizabeth I Sitorus - New York)


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