Generous Boss Treat All Employees for Caribbean Holidays

Helen Bilton, owner of the Group Company as the 'Most Generous Boss'

Bahamas at Sunrise

Management of the company we always face is often a serious person, committed, hardworking and love discipline as the basis for the operation of the company. It is prevalent in various companies in the world, or the various places we may face everyday.

Well, what if one day we are working in a privileged place, it turns out the leadership of the company, the boss, so generous to a specific case, there must be a specific reason for that, isn’t it?

Who does not want to be part of a company with a generous leader?

And so it was in the group companies, the Group Company to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the company belongs to the boss, she asked all her employees on vacation.

The boat of Bahamas

Exceptional and not playing games, as many as 32 employees participated in holiday travel, a luxury trip for three nights and stayed in five star hotels in Barbados, Caribbean.

Citing an article from and quoting from CNN Indonesia, formerly the boss wanted to celebrate it in to Flamingo Land, but the amusement park is closed and they changed course into a vacation to the Caribbean.

"I thought about doing a great thing to celebrate ten years of this company with partners and customers." Bilton said.

The boss then contemplate all of her plans, and arrived at a conclusion that her employees are the one who really deserves the award, those who work hard day after day to this business.

Employees of her company certainly surprised, they do not believe it, but that's what happened. Great, and it really happened!

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia,
Image: N Mayo - Bahamas


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