Clarke Quay in the night time

One of the attractions preferred by the tourists in Singapore

Clarke Quay

Changi Airport became boisterous laughter of two young men. When the steps of his long legs on the floor of the airport runway, down from the plane stairs, he called out to his friend who followed behind him, "Come on, you want to go anywhere once the first place?" His friend seemed anxious to immediately replied, "Ah, you know. We have been talking about it on the plane!"

Tourism in Singapore is tempting, did make a few bids of tourists arriving on the island country has always faced with many options, they will be confused to where first.

They are, generally tourists always thought for a moment, before then deciding the first location.

Indeed, you will be confused, but if slowly want to decide, we can choose from, ranging inexpensive and valuable travel more expensive. Say like Sentosa Island, Singapore Botanic Garden, Esplanade Park, Bugis Street, the Merlion, and other options more lively, like East Coast Park, East Coast Park, even if you want to Marina Bay Sands and racing cars of Formula 1 area and many other.

Marina Bay

Well, like two tourists who had got off the plane in Changi Airport earlier, they had a distinct impression with a place, or perhaps on the recommendation of a friend.

That's it, they have decided first of all to Clarke Quay!

What is going on over there? Their friend before, were able to give a proper promotion of these attractions, the tourist area of Clarke Quay widely known among locals as well as tourists, and you'll like it when present in the evenings.

Clarke Quay at night

You want to hangout at night? Many places in Singapore, but the charm is more pronounced in Clarke Quay, an area of yore known as a trading center on the harbor at the same time the British colonial period, and this time transformed into a shopping district and nightlife.

The temptation lights are refracted in the water of Singapore River, colorful, ranks restaurants and clubs and various recreational facilities like a cruise ship travel. The beauty of the shadow of the bridge and the street lights are lit colorful, which overwrite the flash of water, making anyone, tourists who come in groups, spent the night up a meal with family or friends.

Night full of charm, the image of the shadow of light, form a hollow landscape of a beautiful building and entertaining, lost heart will find the beautiful moments with people nearby.

Who would not want to linger there? Both are close friends off the plane this afternoon, have decided their choice, and that's where they enjoyed a cheerful evening.

(Source Detik Travel, Kompas Travel /Images V Saver)


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