Traveling and Underwater Wedding in Thailand 'only' 30,000 baht

Underwater Wedding Ceremony held in Trang province, southern part of Thailand

Diving Day - illustration

Married in the water at the moment of Valentine, it is uncommon for friends who want it to happen, as happened in a moment of an event that gets the enthusiasm of the participants.

Maybe you want a different travel trip in the beach, regardless traveled choice to simply satisfy curiosity or may be interested in becoming a participant and the participant. These different options, and always bring incredible sensation.

An event that has been going on since the day Saturday, February 13, 2016, up to three days ahead. Participants will receive some sort of short training, introduction to diving activities, guided by a dive instructor for the bride and groom.

Dive Instructor - illustration

Perform marriages always require a commitment from both parties, the couple who are in love, and are willing to live a life together in happy and difficult times. Then do a show with different situation, this brings imaginative thoughts and sensations.

As the quote from tourist sites Kompas Travel, the event was festive, the couple will exchange our vows, since the morning at 9.00 local time, the bride had gathered at Pak Meng Beach. Truly exotic travel with large-sized timber ship, then bring the bride to the wedding venue is none other than the spot dive location.

Romantic Dinner at the beach - illustration

They dive up to 18 meters, a prince was preparing to lead the wedding ceremony, guided and supervised by a professional diver safety, then they will sign the marriage certificate. And, of course, there are moments photographed together, in the water, on a train that has become a carcass coral.

Special moments with events in the water, followed by a romantic dinner on the edge of Pak Meng Beach. It's romantic to get married in a different way, diving in the water, at the same time in the same place in an atmosphere of Valentine, gentle, sincere and full of action.

Different sensations on a sightseeing trip to Thailand, which takes place every year, and relatively cost about 30,000 baht (USD 845) - compared to the usual wedding is taking place normally. A great day for traveling and getting married.

(Source A Gabrillin - Kompas Travel /Images N Ginting, F Benjamin)


  1. Totally stunning Underwater Wedding Ceremony held in Trang province, southern part of Thailand. Thanks a ton for these inspirational pictures. It was quite a different ceremony. At the hillside NYC venues we also will host an adventure themed family wedding party. I am sure it will also be very fun.


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