Celebrate the Super Bowl with Pizza 24-karat Gold

Through an event titled 'Golden Garlic Knots Pizza' this weekend

The Pizza

Wow... Who does not want to participate in this great event, especially pizza especially for fans from around the world, the typical food of Italian origin who later became a culinary favorite in the United States.

Pizza was known in many countries, it is undeniable is one of the preferred food, because it seemed practical but has a power glut, effective and efficient. Certainly!

The celebration event the Super Bowl's 50th anniversary at the end of this week in San Francisco, as the quote from a culinary website, The Daily Meal, Pizza Hut will present 50 pizza with a topping made of 24-karat gold.

Sure to be able to enjoy the pizza, the buyer asked to participate in the contest, "Golden Garlic Knots Pizza", as support from Pizza Hut to the football sporting event.

The Menu - Illustration

"Not every day you celebrate the anniversary of the 50th Super Bowl, so we thought why not bring anything special," said Pizza Hut’s Vice President of Marketing, Jared Drinkwater.

Who could have imagined when the pizza gets a sprinkling of gold, limited edition menu is sprinkled with 24-karat gold worth US $100, and they serve it feasible and safe to eat.

If so, who wants pizza?

They were eager to share it with those interested, according to event organizers contest of the Pizza Hut, Jared Drinkwater, pizza enthusiasts can send e-mail to PR@PizzaHut.com, and the Pizza Hut will select the email.

Of course this need luck, and may the shipment to your home to make a surprise, 24-karat gold (with a certificate of authenticity), in a luxury design box, and colored gold. Great!

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Happy Meal /Images Pizza Hut)


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