Let's find the Tourist Destinations that Often Appear on Instagram

Taken from the 50 most frequently visited tourist destinations by tourists

Times Square, New York

The virtual world is increasingly lively with various websites that make users feel exist, can express themselves to the world, appear more frequently and make life more colorful, lively and fun for all.

The presence of social media sites such as photography enthusiasts, the sites provide application services to share photos, and lets users share photos to a variety of other social media sites, such as Facebook, G+, Twitter, and others.

It is viewed carefully by Hoppa, tourist travel booking site, with a treat for the audience, you can see the article by serving infographics trip about travelers worldwide.

This site conducted a series of studies to the cities and tourist destinations in the world, as it is called in Brilliant Maps, in the span of one month, they perform an analysis of the 1000 photos on Instagram each site are grouped into various categories, namely selfie, scenery, food, sexually suggestive, marketing, shopping, wild life, alcohol, and group photos.

And site visitors can easily see on the infographics, you will enjoy a variety of information from the image, and make visitors think about the influence of holiday photos to anyone, certainly the greatest impact is the travel enthusiast.

Street of Paris

Much attention is given visitors to social media sites, such activities marking the "Like" sign on a vacation photo. Fact then showed photographs that present (at the Instagram) has its own connection with the activities of traveling. Certainly!

SOHO, London

The following paragraphs with several descriptions that can be given, as an interesting example.

Most frequently destinations that present on Instagram:

1. New York (52 million)
2. London (47 million)
3. Paris (41 million)
4. Dubai (37 million)
5. Los Angeles (27 million)

Most Gets ‘Like’ destinations: Los Angeles

Destinations with Most Sexually Suggestive Selfie: Los Angeles

Top Destinations for 'Selfie': London

Destinations for Instagram Food: Phuket, Thailand

Destinations to Instagrams of Couples: Paris

Similarly, the fact that is not easily refuted, pictures (of traveling and sights) gives a lot of meaning than just words, saying sounds like the lyrics of a song.

And, citing articles on that tourist booking sites, "Vacation experience can live and breathe through Instagram."

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia, Hoppa /Images L Priyanti, M Paath Djojonegoro, M Marina Bartels)


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    1. Thank you for your response, I will add the source of the article to the link you provided.


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