Comfortable Airlines Waiting Room

The Additional Facility of the Passenger Airlines

The Residence by Etihad

A businessman, so on the face of the people around him say in their heart, even though they are all the passengers, including some tourists, seemed preoccupied with his own thoughts and activities.

The man seemed to enjoy the coffee that was on his desk, he was alone, or may be traveling far to get to a destination country, or perhaps someone was waiting for him, for a business meeting.

For a moment, not long afterwards, who knows what came to mind, it might just kill time, he summoned a waiter, or perhaps cafe or rather the reception area, which is performed in such a way to make anyone want to relax and not think about departure time the next plane, as befits a transit passenger.

Little interest, actually, but that's what happened, the various airlines in the world seems to want to 'race' or 'war' with the amazing facilities, even before passengers fly, not only in the cabin of the plane, but the airport lounge are also included within the amenities war.

Let's look at airline of Lufthansa, which has facilities for their First Class Services & Lounges, exclusive waiting room more luxurious to pamper the passengers as a convenience and a better flying experience.

Likewise on the Turkish Airlines, they create comfort for passengers, "There's a loyalty that you would get from a client if you treat them as we have done," said Attila Dogudan, CEO of Turkish Airline's lounge operator Do&Co, citing CNN site.

Munich Airport, Germany

Virgin Atlantic, famous lounge facilities The Virgin Clubhouse at London are constantly innovating. And the more the airline aware of the opportunity to maintain the loyalty of passengers to pamper passengers, from the time in the waiting room, such as Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad, also we can find outstanding facilities at the airline Swiss Airlines are on the waiting room exclusively been able to be pull for their customers.

Dining Room Executive - Emirates

Even exclusive terminal facilities may give the impression for passengers, such as the businessman above, although impressed indifferent, do not care about the surrounding. Secretly seemed to enjoy every sip of his coffee, his face more and more relaxed, and once this present smile on his face.

What about the people around him, or travelers on the other side? They are also excited, maybe a soft song was able to lull, the faint sound, "What a Wonderful World" ...

The colors of the rainbow,
So pretty in the sky.
Also are on the faces,
Of people going by ...

(Source T Wahyuni ​​- CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images Etihad, Emirates, P Widi Hatmi - Munich)


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