Is Paris Still Be The Most Romantic City in the World?

Through a series of recent studies of travel sites, Travel Supermarket

Various ways and stories of friends always talked about romantic city in the world, and Paris has always ranked as the best in the world. Paris romantic! The word is often pronounced by tourists who traveled to the capital of France's, and your friend will also agree with this.

Even many honeymoon story always use Paris as a first choice, so with a couple who are in love, then the men would like to apply for a beloved spouse. Perhaps you know a famous film star, Tom Cruise just chose the Eiffel Tower to propose to his girlfriend, Katie Holmes at a time.

Not going to run a story involving Paris, several world stars such as Scarlett Johansson, buy flat in Paris 6, as she admitted in love with the fashion city. And aligning the story continues, with more interesting stories.

However, a recent survey from a travel site, recently, it is known that the achievement of Paris as the most romantic city, slipped away. This city has always been the best ratings, for example, five large and so not much around there.

Indisputable, perhaps the story of terror of Paris in November 2015, can be a major factor, citing the Daily Mail, the ranking dropped considerably.

The scenery in general, usually restaurants in Paris flood of visitors ahead of Valentine, the couple will make Valentine and Paris as an important moment in life, such as dating, applying for a lover or a honeymoon. Likewise reservations at restaurants fell by 21.5 percent and hotel bookings fall by 15.5 percent, it's no wonder occurs also in cafes and bars decreased by 15 percent.

Through surveys TravelSupermarket 2016, present a new town in the romantic city rankings, such as Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, while Morocco bounced out of the top ten rankings, after terror events there.

Ranked top 10 most romantic city in the world according to the latest survey results.

1. Amsterdam
2. Roma
3. New York
4. Barcelona
5. Prague

6. Reykjavik
7. Venice
8. Paris
9. Budapest
10. Dublin

Despite the above list that shows the ranking of various major cities in the world as the most romantic city, such as Paris which slid to number 8, but in the end the choice of the rating and the reason for that is important. Selection of a romantic city has always been a personal reason for most of the perpetrators of the travel, and Paris has always been one of their dreams.

(Source L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Kompas Travel, Daily Mail /Images A Soekirno)


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