Stewardess Boxing, the Plane Made an Emergency Landing

Flights from Delta Lines on the flight 2598 from Los Angeles to Minneapolis

Emergency landing performed according to plan and flight schedules, and all may occur in any travel experience, or passengers anywhere in the world, something unexpected and many surprises.

Many things can happen why the pilot decided to return to the airport of departure, and once this happens the airline Delta Lines who is traveling in the air the state of Utah, a flight attendant who was on duty clashing boxing, is really a surprise to anyone who was in the flight.

The pilot then decided to make an emergency landing at the airport in Salt Lake City. Citing news of Aviation Herald, the flight on January 22, 2016 ago, stewardess at loggerheads on business, did not know what they were thinking, when a friend of another flight attendant others came to intervene, even exposed to blows as well.

Seeing the situation is not favorable for anyone at that time, the captain made the decision to land a Boeing 757 aircraft, which was flying in the area south Salt Lake City when a fight occurs.

Naturally airline disturbed by this incident, as the quote of the Aviation Herald, the aircraft decided to apologize to passengers, among other things, "Most of our team members did not show good behavior. We expect our air crews are always courteous and professional, while you experience away from it. We were sorry not fulfill our promise today."

It's shocking, isn't it?

It was always flying experience in a variety of sightseeing trips can discover unexpected things, and for the genuine travelers, all that happens is to be part together in a sightseeing trip. Prepare for the unexpected things, adjust yourself, adaptation, always surprising, even in part may be convenient.

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia, Aviation Herald /Images U Safitri, Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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