Where is the Most Romantic Cities in the World?

Paris is not the only one who got the title of most romantic city

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Shadows that pass when the name of Paris, especially in moments of Valentine's day who adored the lover in all over the world, a city that has always been a dream of the lover to propose to his partner.

However, a travel agency in Singapore, Insight Vacation, citing an article from CNN Indonesia, get the facts about the other cities that are considered romantic in the world along with Paris. Anyone who was visiting these cities, lovers, being in love, would agree.

You will certainly have their own views, but look at the list below, will admit it, that was the case, although the specifics you can propose other cities. Of course!

Gondola and the pizzas, Venice

1. Venice, Italy. Passing gondola in the city offers a significant contribution as a romantic city, along the bottom of the canal, cafes calling on the canal side, gallery, church to the basilica of St Mark's, and both as a couple. So beautiful.

2. Heidelberg, Germany. Cities with shiny golden light, the city that holds various romantic vibe in district Altstadt (old town). Enjoying views of the terracotta-colored castle, high-rise buildings, and a variety of restaurants, with a variety of beautiful landscaping.

3. Rajasthan, India. The beauty of the area around the town, forts and palaces, deserts and forests. Enjoy camel, or sail around the lake in the mountains Abu Nakki. Imagining ourselves as an Indian Maharaja enjoy his break time.

The White House of Santorini

4. Santorini, Greece. Whitewashed houses on the slopes of the mountain edge, with the expanse of blue sea, white church decorated with flowers. Sapphire blue ocean view spoil the eye, moments before dusk.

Hangout in Central Park, New York

5. New York, USA. City nicknamed "Big Apple", metropolitan and modern in the world. The city is to host a bookstore, art gallery, book, boutiques and bars. And become a great melting pot of the world with a modern style and is often referred to as the city that is busy and indifferent world.

Musee du Louvre, Paris

6. Paris, France. Town meeting place of many cultures, you will agree with it, the iconic places, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and the Champs Elysees. That's not enough, try stopping at roadside cafes, looking at the Eiffel Tower or other buildings, and the number of markets where you buy trinkets, cooking courses, to restaurants Bois de Boulogne park is so French kings hunting.

7. Mostar, Turkey. Exotic places with great views of the medieval tower, old houses, rivers and small streets a romantic-style 16th century by the Ottoman Empire. Local typical fashion, cuisine of the restaurant with waiters dressed in traditional or from sellers on a side street in the beautiful countryside in the Balkan peninsula.

8. Fes, Morocco. Still medieval atmosphere with ornaments, towers and fountains. A couple in love will feel comfortable with the atmosphere, Fes el Bali (the old town of Fes) is one area that offers fun class, but do not abandon their traditional distinctiveness.

Budapest at night

9. Budapest, Hungary. Two cities joined together, Buda and Pest, declares the cultural mix of baroque, art noveau, art deco and other styles, the city for creative people find their ideas. Lovers can enjoy the uniqueness of the city, various locations, there are hot springs that are used to relax the society in Roman times. Lovers can relax in a wide selection of restaurants, ranging from upscale with western food or a traditional restaurant.

Lounge chairs of Barcelona

10. Barcelona, ​​Spain. Needless referred to the uniqueness of this city, in line with expectations for the couple who are in love. Typical cuisine, a glass of cava and a plate of tapas, a selection of romantic restaurants and bars. The uniqueness of the building in the park of Gaudi, then proceed to the Sagrada Familia, to the top world-class gallery, and do not forget to Picasso museum.

Interesting, of course, isn't it? View a selection of all of the city with a variety of uniqueness, history, culture and its own advantages, even into the city a romantic scented.

In line with the atmosphere of Valentine's Day that took place yesterday on February 14, a day that is celebrated every year by people who are in love all over the world, or whoever the people closest, friends and family. Surely.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Insight Vacation /Images R Rumambi, R Mailisa, L Priyanti, L Pandjaitan, M Paath Djojonegoro, E Puspa)


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