Lively Twilight Lights in Singapore

Favorite tourist destinations in the region

The Merlion

Travelling day in the next day. They're riding the MRT and check the map to their next destination, and then looked out the window at the crowd of passengers.

"Where else are we?" he turned to a friend next to him.

"A moment, I'm still thinking about it."

"Hurry up, the MRT is about to arrive at the next station."

"Soon ..." his friend was still turning the pages of a map, and he's still thinking.

Finally they decided to come out in the Raffles Place MRT station, of course, is the nearest road to the area that stores the old buildings, you'll remember the British colonial period in Singapore.

"I'm still enjoying our trip yesterday."

"You mean Clarke Quay?"


Clarke Quay called his friend is interesting, especially at dusk, when the lights fall on the water, colorful entertain the imagination.

But this time they toured around Raffles Place, where nostalgia with old-style English design of the building, as if to take you to a place in London.

They then headed Merlion Park with views of the Singapore River, where the famous statue of the lion fountains issuing from its mouth. The tourists love to linger around the river, take photos or simply enjoy the view.

More and walked back toward the Cavenagh Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Singapore, stands firmly bypasses the river. Many of the stories of the past and the old buildings bear witness there, and tourists enjoy the atmosphere.

Fountains of Marina Bay Sands

You try to run again, while another will see other buildings, two icons of Singapore, the Merlion statue and Marina Bay Sands is clearly visible. This area is very pleasant for those who want to sit back, take a walk or take a drive around the Singapore River by boat.

Marina Bay Sands

Well, wait as dusk enveloped the surrounding area, the night is dark, but you will be amazed with decorative lights that shine.

"Ah, this charming place!" said his friend, although in contrast to Clarke Quay, but it has its own image, his friends nodded in agreement.

"I wanted to take some photos selfie, you do not follow me in the back!"

"Hurry. Soon the laser show here, at 8 pm!"

True, one of the charms of this region is a laser show of the Marina Bay Sands, and tourists will scream happily respond.

Singapore at night turned out to be no less interesting, you can enjoy a light moment of retirement when returning to the bosom of the earth. Enjoying the sunset, looking at the months turned into night, and waiting for a beautiful light show.

(Source CA Setyanti & RV Utami - CNN Indonesia, A Pangastuty - Yih Sun, Singapore /Images A Pangastuty, V Saver, M Kretyawan)


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