Post-Terror, Hotels in France Losses

A loss of about $ 293 million after the terror incident in November 2015

We still remember the terror events in Paris, France a few months ago in November 2015, still feels the trauma for some people and the population of the city, after the terrible events of the 130 people killed in shootings and suicide bombings at the time.

Despite all the events, the international community will be considering things carefully, be a serious concern worldwide, and tourism became the outpost affected.

Thus the results of a company, MKG Group is engaged in the hospitality industry research, said about this, that the losses continue to occur until early January 2016, but there are prospects for improvement from mid-February if there is no similar incidents.

Europe will improve itself, would ultimately improvement in economic conditions, such as some of the international events that can occur in France, for example, the Euro 2016 tournament in June should help increase in hotel occupancy in the country.

How would you vote if you are on the way to this country, perhaps as tourists, regardless of the country is still in a state of high alert, the trauma does not automatically disappear just like that.

Citing a tourist site, Vanguelis Panayotis, on the MKG told reporters in Paris, Tuesday, January 19, 2016, said, "We forecast a decline in revenue in the French hotel sector reached US $ 293 million. and almost half of that of Paris."

Indeed, the above figures are still in the form of predictions from November 2015 to March 2016, but the impact of the most real is the various sectors related to the world of French tourism, such as hotel owners, tourism operators and others in the industry expect the reduction of the number of visitors is not going to last long.

France has become one of the tourist destination of the world, so that Paris terror made a 'shock' to their tourism industry, despite the country became the most visited country in the world to achieve the level of visits in 2015 amounted to 34.2 million people.

The dynamics of ups and downs in the world of travel will always occur in various parts of the world, and you should always be able to recover sooner or later. Traveling has always been a part of life itself.

(Source Reuters, CNN Indonesia /Images R Rumambi, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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