Where is the World's Most Healthiest Airport?

Based on reviews of "The Active Times" about the airport with health facilities

How does it feel on a trip somewhere in a place that may not have been you know, let's say a sightseeing trip full of adventure, and you want to enjoy a specific case related to a particular case.

Tourists, you're there with them, always looking for different and new sensations, always arise curiosity, being in a new place, where is this? Airport which may seem pretentious, and the curiosity incredible, the whole activity of the people who appear indifferent, and seemed busy and in a hurry.

Many ways to make the airport the passengers to feel at home, familiar with all the facilities provided, you will soon know the various airports with great facilities which can spoil the guests.

Say it on health facilities, maybe you'll find around the airport or at certain locations, just want to know, but it can indicate specific criteria for the airport, as airports with the support of health care facilities for the users of its services.

Some airports in the world who keep a 'treasure trove' of the gym and other sports equipment that can be used by visitors, such as spa facilities, yoga studio, swimming pool, to ice skating.

Trust me, you will be tempted to use it, and it was an interesting part of the trip itself, you'll want a healthy body when to travel, is not it?

Here is the healthiest airports in the world.

1. O'Hare International Airport, Chicago
2. Fairmont Vancouver Airport
3. Pearson Airport, Toronto
4. Incheon International Airport, Seoul
5. Zurich Airport

6. Detroit Metro Airport
7. San Francisco International Airport
8. St. Paul International Airport, Minneapolis
9. Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam
10. Hong Kong International Airport
11. Port Columbus International Airport

Not one to give it a try, you can look it up in various airports in the world, might one day be there. Anyone can use it indirectly makes a lot of visitors and passengers eventually interested to try it.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Active Times /Images M Kretyawan, L Priyanti)


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