Opium Seasoning in Chinese Restaurant

35 restaurants are under surveillance, and five of them were investigated by authorities

Hunting specialties in a tourist area is a common thing and it is the duty was not written by the tourists, wherever they are, and even looking for something unique food was incredible sensation. Would be the best news for tourists, if one day in the tourist attractions found something unusual.

But, what if anything it is processed seasoning food with opium? In fact, according to the authorities in China, spice obtained from opium poppies contain morphine and codeine.

Regardless, citing news from CNN, seasoning opium is not so popular in China, and has been banned since 2013, in fact, there are also restaurants stubborn, so do not be surprised if the supervision of a number of restaurants was tightened.

How does it feel when you happen to be there? Sure to be fun and a little surprising, isn't it?

As noted in the article on the site, was recorded in 2014, a noodle factory businessman was arrested by the authorities for ten days after caught using powdered poppy crops for food are made to keep the customers hooked, then come again and again.

Maybe you'll try it as well, eating a bowl of noodles, and became drunk, exciting and full of action. Say it easy to find one kilogram of powdered poppy, can be purchased in China at affordable prices ranging from US $60.

Indeed, this makes the Chinese authorities are very attentive, food safety scandals was a stir in the country, as happened in the case in 2014, when the supplier of food ingredients found rotten meat supplied to McDonalds and other restaurant chains.

How about the opinion of the culinary enthusiasts, especially tourists who always expect a special sensation, even unexpected reaction to them is an interesting experience in the culinary world, although in this case needs to be dealt with carefully and meticulously.

A travel wherever it always meets the element of surprise and the unexpected things, and become an integral part. Enjoy it, but do not be exaggerated, of course. May be an interesting memories when you return home.

(Source V Probo - CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images NP Gurning - Beijing)


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