Traveling Photos that is Uploaded to Social Media Can Invite Envy

Envy is the reason why many people upload photos

It's interesting to get the facts which may not be expected, there was a strange feeling and subsequently arise envy of the other users in social media, although we can be argued that a luxury holiday photo, beautiful and worthy of display in social media.

It is not just the opinion passing, and as a joke is not funny, but it is based on a study of 1000 Facebook users at universities in Germany, showed that travel photographs are uploaded to social media is the main contributor to why a person feels 'hot', jealous and had negative feelings when a user is opening social media.

Thus quote in the article a tourist site, Lonely Planet, envy is the cause why a lot of people upload their photos on social media.

It is not good effect, especially on the mental health of users, even the researchers agreed to say that social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ or the microblogging site Twitter, can make users feel their lives are always compared to others.

Surprising that the users react with other ways to upload photos that are considered the best they can project themselves, competition arises to show the ability and self-best with friends on social media and making others feel bad.

Of course it's nice to travel, but on the other hand they are the users to use it as an instrument to show the best moments in their lives, who would not be jealous of other people see your vacation photos into a beautiful place and may be envisioned.

You would feel the same, isn’t it?

The worst situation as said by the researcher, Izak Benbasat, from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business, Canada, reveals that this makes people describe their lives in a way that is not realistic.

But, the truth of the lovers of travel trip, the travelers, do not aim to make others jealous, but felt the need to compete with others and maintain self-existence. Only those who know the real situation. Happy Traveling!

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Images M Marina Bartels, J Tobing, W Sjahran)


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