Are Traveling Can Disrupt Your Life?

As the authors in "Backpacking4Beginners" that has come to 80 countries

A day in Vienna

You like traveling would review the entire activity you for this, if indeed such as the above statement? Is it true that traveling can mess up your life? Too spectacular if it is true and shocking, isn’t it?

Writers on these sites really want to know your opinion, even though they have some reasons and facts about it. "Because traveling will change you," written on the site.

Furthermore, they wrote, "Until you'll never be the same again."

Believe with their reasons, although every travelers will have their own opinion.

1. It would be disturbing friend who did not participate. Of course, traveling is always synonymous with excitement, sometimes will bring out feelings of jealousy, envy seeing the excitement of friends who are traveling, pictures with incredible action, great tourist location. They are your friends will think, why they were not invited, or perhaps it would be nice if they were with you at such an exciting moment.

2. It will change the way you see the world. Many incredible things in front of the tourist attractions, new things, maybe so far only through the television pictures, films and so on, it turns out various places in the world gives a lot of remarkable surprises, beauty unspeakable, and only you can enjoy it, directly in front of you.

3. Endangering yourself from too excited. Can not say it again, the excitement is happening every day in a tourist spot, many unexpected things and all look fun. As if you would like to submit it to the whole world, delivering excitement, and it only belongs to you alone, amazing!

4. Leisure time runs out for are fantasizing, or planning, sightseeing the next. When the moment traveled is happening, your mind immediately swirled to plan the next tour. Eventually the majority of your time is spent imagining, dreaming, so forget about where you stand, traveling, traveling, and always wanted to traveling!

The Love Padlocks, Germany

5. Addiction to collect objects. This has become a new hobby for you, a wide range of activities which might not everyone can do it, collect postcards, fridge magnets, mini flags, emblems, maps, or snow globes and more.

Korean Foods, Seoul

6. Missed each given the delicacies eaten abroad. Will be a unique culinary dream of every tourist location, you dream of steamed dumplings you will ever eat when to China. Or maybe you've been to Italy? Tasty pizza in Naples, Italy, and various culinary noodles "pho" typical Vietnam. You like a young man who falls in love with a sweet girl, so dream it continues every day.

7. You always want to traveling forever! It was this feeling dalah a madness, always wanted to go, and every day thinking about it, and the reality in front of the eyes neglected. Danger, isn’t it?

A process that can occur in the mind of anyone, traveling is like opium, enter the entire body cavity, the pores of your body, and it has become a part of you.

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia /Images W Sjahran, R Rumambi, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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