Are you Spelling Difficulties Name Food in the World when Traveling Somewhere?

According to the Oxford Dictionary of the various main foods in the world

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You enter with a close friend, and feeling excited to meet all your soul, one who probably had not seen and you want to welcome him/her to bring to a particular restaurant, or privileged, well ... The problem began to emerge!

Some of the names of the food served make your tongue difficult to pronounce, say the name of the type of food from Japan or perhaps of any other foreign country, when you are to travel in an exotic country.

Name food can create problems, the pronunciation of the name of the menu that is sometimes at odds with the tongue of people outside the area of ​​origin of food is seen as a serious matter, so that the solution comes from a respectable institution. Oxford English Dictionary!

They were really kind to give help on how it is pronounced, in collaboration with the Co-Op listing the names of foreign food which is very difficult to say by an English speaking person.

Citing a news site, which is contained in The Independent, Catherine Sangster, Head of Pronunciation Dictionary Oxford English Dictionary, said, "When there is a new food or beverage to be famous, we try to keep an eye on how these names were adapted in English."

It is true, she added, some people are able to spell the name difficult accordance with the authentic pronunciation and match the original language. And, it could be anyone else has influenced the spelling corresponding existing letter or choose to say with anglicise, the pronunciation with according to the rules of English pronunciation.

Below about 20 names the type of food that is contained in the dictionary and pronunciation, coming from various places in the world.

1. Tzatziki, Greek origin spelled TSAT-SI-KI. These foods are known as a creamy sauce made from yogurt from goat's or sheep's milk, then mixed with cucumber, garlic, salt, olive oil, red wine and fennel.

2. Parmigiano Reggiano, the Italian spelled PAR-MEE-JAH-NO RED-JAH-NO. Designation for the name of the food to the type of Parmesan cheese made from dairy cow.

3. Prosciutto, Italian spelled PROH-SHOO-TOH. Local specialties for pieces of ham or pork dry and thinly sliced ​​prosciutto crudo served raw named, while the mature grain called prosciutto cotto.

4. Niçoise, a French spelled NEE-SWAHZ. Dish salad, a mixture of tomatoes, tuna, hard-boiled egg, nicoise oil, anchovies, and served with a vinaigrette. Nicoise is the name for the type of olives that grow in the area near the Alpes-Maritimes Nice, France. Local olive typical of this region because of their different methods of making oil.

5. Ceviche, the coastal areas of Latin American origin spelled SUH-VEE-CHAY. Including types of seafood made from raw fish meat by lemon and seasoned pepper. Additional other spices are chopped onion, salt, and sometimes coriander. Ceviche is served along with potatoes, lettuce, corn, and avocado.

You can search the Oxford Dictionary even further, because it helps when you have trouble in the restaurant, whether it was in a distant country or when you are on holiday with friends.

Some other foods are written in the Oxford English spelling.

1. Quinoa - KEEN-WAH
2. Rioja - REE-O-HA
3. Halloumi - HA-LU-MI
4. Bouillabaisse - BOUL-LA-BAISS
5. Chipotle - CHEE-POAT-LAY

6. Gnocchi - NOK-EE
7. Edamame - EDA-MAH-MEY
8. Bouillon - BO-YON
9. Acai - AH-SIGH-EE
10. Manchego - MAHN-CHAY-GOH

11. Maraschino - MA-RA-SKEENO
12. Crudites - KREW-DEE-TAY
13. Habanero - HABE-A-NE-REU
14. Anise - AN-IS
15. Guacamole - GWAK-KUH-MOLE-EE

After reading this, may soon be known in tourist trips are also needed another dictionary, in addition to the dictionary, perhaps one day you may consider bringing a dictionary names of foods.

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