World Tourism Continues to Increase Throughout 2015

Reached a record 1.18 billion tourists, an increase of 4.4 per cent as stated by UNWTO

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Really unspeakably this time if year after year until 2015 ago, the tendency of mankind to tour continued to rise unexpectedly, a remarkable estimate. Despite the security problems in various parts of the world, although there are fears of extremist attacks, as stated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

We may know the tourist areas of the world that has always been a dream of the travelers in the world, like Paris, France which has always been the main target of the tourists, then some other places popular in a row, such as the United States, Spain, and China, equivalent to the number of tourists staying at the destination.

Citing an article in The Guardian, Taleb Rifai, head of that UN agency, said, "The results of 2015 were influenced by the exchange rate, oil prices and natural disasters as well as artificial in some countries."

There are other variables that may affect the dynamics of the movement of travelers in the world, for example, oil prices are getting down and then have an impact on transportation costs, and facts about the weakening of the euro exchange rate to make the numbers traveling from America to Europe more often.

Rockefeller Centre, New York

You may know through media coverage is so intense about in 2015 marked the threat of extremism in the form of deadly attacks in Egypt, France, Lebanon, Tunisia, Mali, Indonesia and other countries.

Disturbances hinder the movement of people to different places, say the global financial crisis in 2009, as well as bird flu, UNWTO remains consistent even see an increase in tourists reached 4 percent in 2016. They added that the attack last year "would not give the medium and long-term consequences" against the growing number of trips.

Places of tourist destinations which experienced a security breach, Tunisia, Africa sub-Sahara, Europe, as the region's most visited, Asia and the Pacific, such as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, as well as the United States, growth and become a major concern of world travelers.

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia

It seems security problems, extremism, faltering security system penetrated to different places and countries, the threat to the world, did not deter the passion and desire to make a tour of mankind throughout the world has been committed unwittingly, the tourists do not want to be restrained, inhibited and changing attitudes to still traveling.

And, it can be interesting note is the significant increase in tourist arrivals from China, making the vibrant world of tourism year after year to the next. Of course, you will be part converge there.

(Source S Galikano - Indonesia CNN, Guardian /Images D Upala Poucin, L Priyanti)


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