Paella obtain special emoji for Spain culinary

Unicode, the institution responsible for the release of emoji, has published typical emoji of Spain this year

Seafood paella

A friend who had just returned from a sightseeing trip away from home, seemed eager to share his/her experiences, one is sure to be the story is hunting a unique culinary experience of a country.

Of course he/she will give special time to anyone, solicited or unsolicited, may show the enthusiasm of himself/herself after returning from a trip that much, even social media will be the one where he/she pours a variety of experiences.

Well, if the concerned specialties, or would like to describe the form of food, among others, could through photos, definitely. But, if in the long conversation, say through a smartphone, of course the use of emoji will be very helpful.

Unicode emoji grouping of different types of foods, in the form emojipedia, has adopted one of the specialties of Spain, paella.

Culinary emoji

Paella is a rice spices with seafood dishes such as shrimp and scallops, in it. So roughly, but the news obtained from the media later, citing the Daily Meal, that Spanish citizens were less satisfied with the emoji. Despite the past year, a group of Spaniards, led by comedian Eugeni Alemany and brand manufacturers of paella La Fallera, have been campaigning for years for the release of Unicode emoji of paella.

We certainly understand what he meant, because we never used a smartphone, so never see emoji of certain foods, such as pizza, burger, fried chicken or other foods.

Tidbit, because in addition to the typical food of Spain, paella, will be released simultaneously also other foods, such as baguette bread emoji, avocado, and croissants.

Sightseeing trip will be lively, when a friend who traveled, you may also, of course, then send a bit of experience through the messaging application, may be WhatsApp, or Messenger and other applications, then the more exciting and fun accompanied by 'pretty pictures and funny 'of various types of typical cuisine from the local country. Certainly!

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