Airlines with the Most Delicious Food in the World

After going through a series of surveys by the World's Best Awards of "Time"

The trip always starts from the beginning of the year to the various places in the world, to your activity, regardless it is a business trip or a directly related trips that have been planned for some time, together with those closest or best friends.

You will use the favorite airline, and always expect the trip to be the best trip, wherever or whenever it is.

However, one of hope before boarding the airplane crossed the hearts wanted to try the food on the plane, good or not? Has always been a classic question for many a traveler in the world. And, you'll soon know eating tasty or later secretly feel disappointed.

Through the survey known then taste domestic and international food, local flavor and also internationally. Even some airlines will introduce the famous chef creations. How can you find out, of course it is impossible to try all airlines, although some international airlines as the airline whose plane had the most delicious food.

Do not hesitate to try it, the survey also assesses the quality of food, service, detail, aperitif and table settings. Included in this until the economy class for long-haul international flights.

1. Singapore Airlines (score 90.40). They are well known in the presentation, through the use of pressure chambers to make sure they still taste good food at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Choose their own main dish with a more diverse selection of up to 24 hours before the flight.

2. Emirates (score 87.26). With this airline you get a typical dish of Middle East, such as Arab Meze and lamb stew. But entering this summer, the dishes change with a dish pairing champagne in first class with a snack of persian feta, figs, truffle honey on walnut baguette, cured duck with pear and saffron poacheed teriyaki marinated duck breast with curried apricot and apple chutney.

3. Turkish Airline (score 85.14). They called the restaurant in the air, with the famous food delicious and beautiful dish. Respondents praised their offerings as one of the best for air passengers.

4. Cathay Pacific Airways. Enjoy a sumptuous menu of luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel for first-class passengers. Hotel chef invited from various cities of the world, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Tokyo and Boston, among others serving consomme with tea bag of dried flower petals and gold flake.

5. All Nippon Airways. Air travel has always been one unforgettable trip, with them being Japanese in culinary. Typical Japanese dish known food fresh, for example unagi, Shonan pork sausage of Kanagawa, until local pears.

Korean Foods

6. Korean Air. These take you into the atmosphere of Korea in the air, in the first class you will get acquainted with Nongshim shrimp crackert, Jedong Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup. In the meantime, do not hesitate to economy class passengers who will enjoy the famous typical food "bibimbap".

7. Thai Airways. Not to be outdone by the Japanese and Korean, Thai food is known to have unique taste with various spices, Thai-style meals are admittedly very delicious. You will see for example peanut pad noodles, stir fried rice with pork and chili, and chicken curry with potatoes.

8. Air New Zealand (83.09). Airlines of the southern region that provide a variety of food that is palatable and suitable for culinary connoisseurs produced from chef Peter Gordon, even you can enjoy a wine that has received a recommendation from famous people.

9. Virgin Atlantic. These are world renowned beauty stewardess, serving approximately 500 meals from economy class to first class, coupled with typical British dish, afternoon tea with sandwiches, biscuits and other sweet foods, is presented with full details to you. Of course!

Neil Perry

10. Qantas Airways (82.42). They were rated as the safest airline in the world, and unexpected when the quality of food being one of the best. Of course their food to be the main dish, such as kingfish filler, blue cheese, and broccoli tart with rocket. The food creations are the result of joint partners restaurateur Neil Perry with a special dish for passengers in first class and business.

Air journey for lovers of travel, the true travelers, gained experience in the air, particularly pleasant moment to enjoy special dish of the airlines in the world as part of the journey itself.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, Time /Images of Singapore Airlines, Air NZ, Qantas)


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