Become Rich before the Holidays to Australia

A tourist from the UK won the "Be a Changi Millionaire"

Departure Hall, Changi

It was fortunate for a tourist who was in the family holiday trip to the "down under", somehow luck what washed over her, Linda Tobin, 52, casually and just want to take the time, when her plane stopped in the long haul flight from London to the southern continent, Australia, and she decided to follow a series of contests and quizzes.

The event took place at Singapore's Changi Airport, she was lucky, but pretty tough opponents, beating six other finalists and bring money of US $1 million.

Audience, or rather hundreds of passenger aircraft is also the time to take the time, while waiting for departure, or the schedule is still long, they enthusiastically watching this show, she was through three rounds and the elimination, very stressful for anyone who was present at that time. While her opponent, also a British citizen, Tracey Tomlinson, 51, looks serious, and very tempting.

In the final stage, as quoted from the article site, CNN Indonesia, which describes the tension of the race, they were asked to match half giant boarding pass with the other half on the stage.

The Passengers

If the boarding pass are matched correctly will open the cabin door and determine the ultimate winner, they tried to up to seven times, and a lucky day for Tobin, she chose boarding pass numbered "3", and ... the cabin door open!

Many dream be realized, such as buying a house that always dreamed during her time, as she said, citing the site, "It still feels unreal. I find it incredible and like being on top of the world! I will help my family, and buying a dream house with a garden. I like planting, but this time do not have a garden. I might also indulge themselves with a nice car!"

The Lobby

A dream come true, through competitions, fun quizzes, luck might be able to say 'hello to anyone', maybe the other tourists, and stop briefly at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Although for Linda Tobin, luck is also perhaps because she was always consistent familiar with the number "3", for example, the number 3 because it is the anniversary date of her husband, the third trip layover this airport, as well as her three supporters, namely mother, nephew and a friend.

Anyone, luck can be present in our lives, perhaps you, "Be a Changi Millionaire", has been underway since 2010, and became one of the entertainment for passengers who stop, complete a holiday trip itself.

(Source T Wahyuni ​​- CNN Indonesia /Images Changi Airport, M Kretyawan, D Ajeng Abadhy)


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