"Snowzilla" in the east coast of America

The worst snow storm that crippled much of the city in the East Coast

New York with snow

Towards the end of the year seems snow is not too thick, just faintly like the wind, just the cold wind with temperatures near 0 degrees, but entered the second or third week in January 2016, a blizzard capable of paralyzing the country.

It can not be denied when the blizzard this time is expected to be the biggest in this winter, Jonas blizzard or more popularly referred to as "Snowzilla" that hit New York, perhaps inspired by the title of a popular movie ever, "Godzilla" that capable devastated town with all exploits.

Are you already planning a trip to America, especially the east coast? Anyone, if already planned your tour, it is really challenging to those who have never experienced, but it was terrible impact on local residents.

Heavy snow also cover airport runways, making more than 6,680 flights were canceled on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, many residents travel activity had to be postponed. US National Weather Service said winds reached speeds of about 40 to 80 km / h, with thick snow reached 68 centimeters in Central Park at midnight Saturday.

Perhaps you want to Times Square, New York? Although the streets of Times Square are not heavy snow, but a warning of the disaster is still being done, in order to alert local residents, as many as 11 states issued a disaster warning for its citizens.

Airport in New York with snow

Citing an article news website, said the LaGuardia Airport, New York cancels 348 flights that should be dispatched, 76 percent of the total cost out, according to the FligtAware.com.

Such as news sites, Daniel Baker, CEO, said, "There is light at the end of the tunnel, now we are starting to see arrivals and departures at the airports of New York City."

It seems like flight cancellations at other airports, John F. Kennedy International and Newark Liberty, reaching 12 thousand flights to and from New York City within five days from Friday through Tuesday.

Despite this, a lot of activity going on in downtown New York, tourists who have been there since a few days seem to enjoy the atmosphere, all different, the first experience for them, the advertising lights on tall buildings remain on the gallant, though snow and cold air is able to bite to the bone marrow.

(Source CNN, Reuters /Images L Priyanti - New York)


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