Terror in Jakarta, but Travelers Still Doing Their Activities

Jakarta was rocked by terror attacks yesterday, on Thursday, January 14th

Hangout in a café, Jakarta

Unexpected event for anyone who was in the center of Jakarta, for the residents of the city of Jakarta, entered the day before noon, most of the usual activities, some people look was busy sitting in a café. They talked with several colleagues, even some laughter here and there.

Slightly towards the other, the café drinking coffee, or enjoy a burger, people enjoying the solitude sipping coffee, while enjoying busy opening the laptop or their gadget.

Exactly at 10:40 local time in the morning time, they are in the region, known as Sarinah area in the city center, a loud explosion startled, most of them think the sound of thunder, fireworks or explosions as possible, but some people were running, they shout in order to get away from the explosion site. Explosion followed by gunfire between terrorists with a special anti-terrorist teams from the Indonesian police.

Exactly like an exciting movie scenes, but this only really happens in front of the eyes of the majority of people in Jakarta, as well as the tourists who are hanging in some café.

It is a shocking what happened yesterday, but today, the next day townspeople immediately got up, they were not afraid, and the aura of courage, against disruption to their daily lives, the lives of Jakarta back to normal.

A great determination, and noble, and radiates optimism for anyone, they look relaxed pace with a face that did not show a sense of panic. They also seemed to enjoy daily activities, and a positive attitude gives hope for anyone.

Nighttime at downtown Jakarta

Some sources from Indonesia CNN's website, reported about the activities of tourists who stay in hotels around the downtown area, no speed up the check out at 14 hotels in the region along the Sarinah area, Street of Sudirman-Thamrin. Hotels like Sari Pan Pacific, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Ibis Tamarin, Grand Hyatt, Fave Hotel, Artotel Thamrin, Hotel Pullman, Akmani Hotel, Oria Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Grand Cemara, Hotel Kosenda, Morrisey Hotel and Amaris Hotel, all running normal as usual.

Positive spirit of the citizens of Jakarta spread even tourist areas on the island of Bali was calm, although there is caution in some areas the airport, tourists from various countries keep coming, like the owner said Radana Hotel Kuta, Reiner Daulay, until Thursday night there has been no cancellation of the reservation at the hotel.

"Bali was very safe, and is not affected by the atmosphere in five hours of the capital Jakarta. I also checked comrades owners more hotels in Jakarta, the atmosphere is also okay, safe, back to normal," said Reiner.

Despite the positive mood is widespread, and does not affect the world of hospitality, airlines and travel agencies, the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya said that in accordance with generally accepted ethics in the world of tourism, in these conditions, tourism promotion was delayed as a form of sympathy and empathy.

(Source T Wahyuni ​​- CNN Indonesia /Images D Ajeng Abadhy, D Bagus Handhoko)


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