Women's Choice for Traveling Solo

Bali is one of favourite women's choice when they're going to travel

Marina Bay, Singapore

You can look at the fact that the tourist's life, the role of women be the main thing, in the age range 25 to 39 years, they are very fond of travel, especially if it is done as a personal journey, traveling solo.

This makes a lot of companies engaged in the tourist world to give full attention to the age group, especially women traveling solo. This can be seen in a report last year, Worldwide inc. travel insurance company issuing the data that women who do the traveling solo increased 59 percent.

Of course we would be curious, wherever they are traveling, isn't it?

Quoting the website Channel News Asia, Bangkok became the first country to be the choice of the female tourists traveled solo. Meanwhile, the second position is occupied by Singapore, as announced by TripAdvisor.

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu, Bali

Some other favorite places that dreams they are included as Bali. An interesting survey of the site, then shows the location of other options, such as Siem Reap and Hong Kong among the top five Asian destinations most desirable women traveled solo.

How to destinations outside of Asia? They have exotic options, such as the major cities in the world, such as London as the main destination, followed by Paris, New York, Rome and Barcelona.

Street of Paris

Life always gives a lively tour, women have their own perspective in choosing the location of their trip, for example, as many as 48 percent of women in Southeast Asia have been traveling solo, based on a survey of TripAdvisor in February this year to about 9.181 female participants from different countries.

So do not be surprised if later lifestyle that supports their lives, such as activities in social media are becoming increasingly shine, and we will increasingly often presented various selfie photo tour. And, believe me if the majority of trips are dominated by them.

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