Bourbon Burger for Special Buyers over 21 Years

Is the buyer of Bar Louie is for adults only?

Eat the burger was tasty on the right day, let's say you go to a shopping center at a busy weekend in the city center, looking for culinary sometimes make you confused to choose, isn't it?

Enjoy a burger is a practical choice and believe me, it was quite pleasant. I myself enjoyed it very much, if tired of walking in a crowd, and the burger is way out with a cold drink.

Well, apparently a lot of ways to mix a tasty burger. As with what I read from an article of a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, that wrote about the burgers can use with a variety of toppings such as cream cheese, and cheddar, beef and crispy onions and barbeque sauce mixed with bourbon.

They say that the burgers were formulated specifically, make it look fancy and special, is how to make it different, the burger smeared with a layer of bourbon, washed down after a dip to cool. You'll be stunned!

It is layer upon layer of bourbon will provide a different sensation, according to excerpts from the sites The Daily Meal, because the alcohol content in bourbon is poured several times, of course, the buyers are - according to the chéf - must be over 21 years old.

Even with you to enjoy a burger of equal value by drinking a shot of bourbon, even though the effects of alcohol in this burger takes longer to react in the body. It is reasonable and understandable.

But. It brings a sense of curiosity, isn't it? They are the burger makers of Bar Louie in the United States, which is offered in four locations (Greenwood, University Park Mall, Hunstville, and Nashville) of Bar Louie for US $ 412.49.

Despite all the figures presented by the owner of the bar, I and maybe You will be curious before try it yourself.

(Source Megiza - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal /Image Jefrey W at wikimedia)


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