Peking Duck Burger Hit China

The new menu is served in a restaurant instantly became a favorite of many people

Hamburger is a unique and tasty, dish originally came from mainland Europe, serving burgers continues to transform. One of the middle hit among food lover is a duck burger. According to the restaurant staff, no less than 300 peking duck burger sold out in a day, according to excerpts of articles from CNN's website.

When you pay a visit to China, do not forget there is a restaurant that became the talk of many people, the DaDong restaurant.

Of course to be attractive for many Chinese, a fairly affordable price per package, about 31 yuan (USD 4.74), for the peking duck burger plus fries and a glass of soft drink or honey hot tea.

Perhaps you've enjoyed in a Chinese restaurant, in the form of Hainan sliced ​​meat along with a handful of rice, vegetables, and soy sauce or special sauce. But. The DaDong Restaurant gave a special dish, the traditional duck roasting fig.

As the quote on the site, "It's better than I imagined," said Cindy Zhan.

Then she added, "I'm afraid the duck burger too greasy. But it did not, by using a special sauce, totally different from the conventional burger." praised the quality of the salad in DaDong.

Travelers would have to wonder, what is actually happening, because people might say this is a Western-style food, in fact, this kind of food has long been known by the people of China.

There is always unique in Beijing, but it is not wrong to try this dish, a time stopped at a shop selling dry bread contain marinated donkey meat.

(Source A Khoiri - CNN Indonesia, CNN /Image L Priyanti)


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