French people like to eat Hamburger

This country became the largest hamburger consuming country in Europe

You stroll into France and immediately imagine a versatile food specials that characterizes these countries, luxurious foie gras dishes or other foods that may sound quite familiar to most tourists who are visiting the country.

Once you will be fooled, it turns out they've become a nation like the United States into hamburger enthusiasts, of course you will be surprised.

Citing an article from The Telegraph, Bernard Boutboul, director of Gira Conseil, a culinary consulting firm said, "Burger mania (in France) unstoppable."

Researchers from the firm has conducted a series of studies, nearly 75 percent of restaurants in France provide hamburgers on their menu and 80 percent said his burger included most ordered.

When you then are in France, do not be surprised if later saw their appetites, sales increased with the presence burger burger franchises, such as Shake Shack and Five Guys, and record the results burger sales of more than US $ 70 billion in 2013.

You try as tourists stroll around the main area of the city, and soon witness how the burger has changed the way they enjoy lunch, even a little food has shifted typical French flagship, "jambon beurre" just like a baguette, butter and ham.

Trends typical foods like burgers also gave a distinctive image of cities in France, the presence of an American burger restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, and even the French restaurant chain, Quick, reported third of sales are of the burger, in that country.

Indeed, the hallmark glutton burger is still held by the land of Uncle Sam, but slowly the French citizens also will try to compete.

The burgers are practical and capable of filling your stomach!

(Source Silvia Galikano - Indonesia CNN, The Telegraph /Images A Soekirno, R Rumambi)


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