Denmark, the World's Happiest Country

Denmark for the third time back shifting Switzerland to second rank

Limmat River of Zurich, Switzerland

Achieving happiness for someone to be important, and becomes complete when share them with family nearby, and makes it easier to face all the problems of everyday life. In a broader sense the neighborhood became one of the important factors for anyone to achieve happiness, and the State has a role in a broad sense and make it happen in real life.

A report released on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 in Rome, of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network agency for the United Nations, who compiled a report entitled "World Happiness Report Update 2016" provides interesting facts, that Denmark became the happiest country in the world.

The sequence of the happiest countries are Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel and Austria. It's interesting to see the fact that countries like the United States, ranks 13th in the list, then Germany is ranked 16th.

You will be surprised when see that the list of countries including the advanced category, was ranked as the lower middle.

It has always been a question for anyone, even the tourists who are visiting a country, look at a tourist destination, see a lot of prosperity and progress that makes sense of awe for most tourists who are visiting.

The institute did research by measuring the level of happiness of a country as a means of measuring the right to know the welfare of human beings, rather than measure by a factor of education, health, poverty, income or running of the government of a country.

The shop in Zurich, Switzerland

The article on the CNN website wrote that the happiest country usually has a plan to live a long, get more social support, have more freedom to determine the choice of life, has a responsiveness that is low on corruption, fond of charity, rarely experiencing the gap, and has a gross domestic product per capita is high.

Broadly speaking then, tourists can be struck at a destination they visit, and there are certain factors that are difficult to say, Iceland and Ireland have experienced a banking crisis, which dramatically impact on their economies.

If you can guess what happened?

It turned out that these conditions do not make peoples of Iceland and Ireland become unhappy, they have a high social bonding, happiness was apparently not always about the money!

Happiness can be obtained in these countries, by helping each other, pay attention to those nearby, prefer to buy something - that might help a neighbor or someone else rather than making something yourself. Life becomes easy then, isn't it?

(Source Megiza - Indonesia CNN, CNN /Images Y Sing - Geneva)


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