Traveling to Brussels is Still Safe

After the terrorist attack at the airport and Metro, Tuesday, March 22 ago

Street of Bruxelles

Tourists can travel to Brussels, although a few days ago there was a terrorist incident, was at the time of the incident we are somewhat difficult to travel to one location, public transportation was halted.

However, city residents and tourists who come to this town have never given up, they are tough to face all, though a little worried, but seeing the alertness of security personnel who work extra hard, build a sense of trust and security.

Always there are specific things that make tourists come to visit this city, such as the old town Brussels, along the Rue de L'Etuve heading to the Grand Place, one of the dream. Or perhaps to the location of the Manneken Pis statue, on a street corner between Rue de L'Etuve and Rue de Chene, who became an icon of the city.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the city, street musicians, who blew saxophone, or looking for a Belgian waffle that is famous throughout the world, with a variety of topping, or maybe Belgian chocolate.

Manneken Pis

Citing an article from The Telegraph, said that the information from the Belgium Crisis Centre, threats remain alert and follow instructions to the authorities, for example, can be seen on Eurostar stations, be flexible for passengers if you want to cancel the trip, and the train operator advised passengers to arrive at the station an hour earlier.

Belgium is famous destinations though March is the off season month for travel leisure, but tourists who have chosen the trip would be a visit. Railways, airlines, like British Airways offers passengers to make the booking or request a refund for flights from Friday to Tuesday, March 29th.

Brussels remains safe for tourists, although some places lodging services, the hotel can be flexible and allow you delay booking for another day.

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia /Images M Kretyawan)


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