3 Ways to Reduce Lodging Costs

Selection of accommodation can be one way to reduce the cost of a vacation

Hostel in Singapore

The journey will not be delayed again, you immediately determine the location of a favorite this year, but there is something that is always well worth considering, namely the cost of lodging in tourist locations or exotic places in the world.

You deserve to be wise in the long run, especially when traveling with one or more friends, be careful and clever in setting budgets.

You want to stay in a Hostel?

Hostel has style and surroundings, so you should know the types of hostels, for example, how the room type, type or model such as the hostel dorm with bunk beds. Well, at this stage you have to be willing to share a room with other hostel guests.

When you're designing a trip as a backpacker, does not mean you can not get other types of rooms, for example hostels with private rooms, not mixed with other guests.

Trust me, stay in hostels impact a cheaper room rate, though requires preparation, adaptation while staying at the hostel. Please take care to consider the location, the facilities available, the kitchen, the building type, and travel information about where you stay.

Homestay in Raja Ampat, Papua

How about staying in the Apartment?

The development of the hospitality application provides an opportunity to stay another type, such as an apartment or small home for the holidays, but be ready when the prices are a little expensive compared to hostels.

The apartments are expected to provide accommodation expenses reached about $ 1,000, and there is always a way to reduce the cost, which together with more friends, eg 10 peoples. Sharing costs.

To search for an apartment-style accommodation can be obtained through the applications on your gadget, for example Travelmob, Airbnb, with the type of services such as guest houses, villas, apartments and hostels.

Cost is the most cost varies from 5 dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Online Booking

Well, here's a result of the development of Internet technology, bookings via online, but need some tips so you do not stray too far.

Some such reservations during Low Season, booked far in advance, looking for a hotel in collaboration with online travel agents, and look for a new hotel opened or still Soft Opening, as they will offer a promotional price.

And travel has been waiting for, do not put it off, when the time available and you will enjoy life in other places.

(Source Kompas Travel /Images Naomi Sirait)


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