Starwood signed a three hotels agreement in Cuba

The first US companies that manage hotels in the island country

Hotel Inglaterra, Havana

Obama's historic visit to Cuba last Sunday, indirectly gave inspiration to many companies in the United States to build a relationship again. Tourism is one of the keys in building relations between countries, and the level of availability of hotels become one of the prerequisites for tourist traffic in the country.

Hospitality business group Starwood Hotels and Resorts, for example a good chance with the management of three new hotels, an interesting record for being the first in 60 years.

Citing an article from USA Today, Starwood accept the authority of the Treasury to operate hotels that already exist in Cuba.

Of course you ask whether this has materialized in operation? Of course, there are three hotels, namely Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, the second is the Hotel Quinta Avenida, also in Havana, which will become the Four Points – Sheraton owned, and then change the Hotel Santa Isabel in Havana became the property of the Luxury Collection.

The Lobby, Hotel Inglaterra

As presented by Jorge Giannattasio, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Starwood Latin America, in the article cited by lifestyle website, CNN Indonesia, "We know how to run a business in this region. When no one thinks this is possible, we make the right arguments, and we got a license."

In the end who got the positive impact is the world of tourism, Obama's visit as well as a way to normalize relations between the two countries since December 2014, the rating will be easier to travel, ease of doing trip planning and increased choice.

Cuba has become one of the exotic tourist destination for a long time, and tourists can make their choice wisely, to the land of cigars and sugar cane.

(Source S Galikano – CNN Indonesia, USA Today /Images Callelinea - wikipedia, Starwood Hotels)


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