New York, the Most Popular Shopping Cities in the World

Based on reports from Expedia about 10 cities most popular shopping

Times Square, New York

Travel while shopping, alloys most interesting in travel activity for anyone in the various parts of the world, even the world of tourism considers traveled is synonymous with shopping.

You might be able to provide other arguments, but it does not complete when a tourist trip without shopping. One appeal of shopping that will not go away is the culinary shopping and craft products.

Regardless, every traveler has a distinctive motif in their activities when they traveled, may be specifically depending on personal interests, for example, is present directly on tourist spot with beautiful natural scenery, or even visit the works of art and museums.

An article from the Huffington Post, provides an overview of some of the countries that must be visited as a shopping destination, based on reports from Expedia Britain.

Morning in New York

New York to get the best rank as the most popular shopping cities in the world, between the major cities of the world. Who does not know this area, Fifth Avenue and SoHo is the most popular area for shopping. Even if you wanted to buy a variety of antiques and vintage, you move immediately rushed to visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Indeed, in addition to New York, many other cities in the world, the study was conducted in 25 cities in the world that has a lot of shopping centers, one of the variables is criticism based on the number of transactions, number of visitors, the circumstances surrounding area in a scale of 1- 10.

Here are 10 great cities of the world's most popular shopping.

1. New York
2. Berlin
3. Los Angeles
4. London
5. Kuala Lumpur

6. Tokyo
7. Singapore
8. Istanbul
9. Paris
10. Madrid

Cities shopping in the world has always been the most important reason of tourists, when they decided to be traveled to a city of the world, maybe you have different considerations, but the activity of shopping is always tempting. Anyone can become active participants.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, Huffington Post /Images L Priyanti, A Soekirno)


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