New Policy for Travelers to Brussels

Following the terror attacks in the subway station and the Brussels airport

Deadly terror attacks and bring the fact that airlines in Europe are vulnerable to similar attacks. The latest terror made the 28 people victims, of a serious effort to make things better.

Various efforts of the security authorities and police at Brussels Airport which annually handles about 24 million passengers, citing an article from The Independent, a forensic examination in the departure lounge, the location of the bomb blast.

The inspection department was already handed over to the airport management, but they were a little hesitant, "The simple fact is impossible to start again in the near future with the infrastructure has been destroyed."

The airport management has implemented new security procedures, despite an impact on the number of flights that will operate a few days after the explosion, the airport immediately opened. Tourists and passengers around the airport will be facing a new experience.

Do not be surprised if the system and the security procedures are becoming more stringent, especially the check-in area which suffered heavy damage, and will be used in the near future.

Changes occur after the terror attack, flights originally intended to Brussels has been diverted to Antwerp, Charleroi and Liege in Belgium and Lille in France. Likewise, the transfer to Frankfurt and Zurich, for long-haul flights.

The airport official said the passenger who had arrived, they would use the bus through the hangar, there must be a change as a form of service and improve security.

Travelers can understand the changes taking place, they have a sense of worry, but the systems and security procedures must be applied to broader common interests.

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images M Kretyawan)


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