Hostel in Miami, the choice for young travelers

Freehand Miami is the right choice to enjoy the atmosphere

The town with friendly beach with the sun, all day seem bright, Latin culture and nightlife are very charming for tourists who visit. When you are present in this region, the southeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida, being friendly for young people who want to style.

Wander around the city, buildings art deco architectural style that developed in 1920 until the 1930s, when you get past Ocean Drive, the road that runs along the beach, while enjoying the heritage of Art Deco buildings.

And do not miss the time to stop at the famous beach, South Beach. Imagine, visit Miami without stopping in South Beach is like a vacation in Paris without the Eiffel Tower, as it can be said, the region is the center of the main tourist attractions of the city of Miami.

Who does not want to get there?

Well, when it was in this city, a hostel can be an option, with a typical building of the city, art deco, not far from the center of coastal tourism, supportive atmosphere, with views to the open sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is also a major port city that manage the number of passengers in the world's largest cruise ship.

Hostel choice that can make you feel relaxed, a cocktail bar with a mixture of spices, and you will be more like this place, because the cocktail mix plucked straight from the garden hostel owner.

Fun, isn't it?

Nature around that can support your expectations of course, with a choice of room types according to the tastes of each guest, dormitory type that can contain up to eight private bungalows, ranging from a rate of about USD 27.


Freehand Miami Hostel

2727 Indian Creek Dr.
Miami Beach, Florida

(Source Kompas Travel, Freehand Miami /Images Freehand Miami Pages)


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