Travelling with the False Passport

Extraordinary experience that experienced by British traveler

Airport immigration officers who check passports looked seriously examine the passports of passengers who just got off a plane from England, all looked neat and no turbulence. They uncharacteristically identity check at the boarding pass, and all went well. Great!

Similarly, the experience of a traveler, Josh Reed, 21, who daily work as a night watchman clubs in England.

An interesting article it was reported in several media in the UK, the Daily Mail to The Lad Bible. The media is certainly keen to convey the remarkable story of the traveler, considering him, Reed inadvertently carry a passport belonging to his girlfriend, but managed to escape to Germany.

If this can happen to us?

Josh Reed flew from Stansted Airport, London heading to Dortmund, Germany using Ryanair. When he arrived in Germany, he soon realized there was something strange, related to the passport he was carrying, carried passports belonging to his girlfriend, Sophie Watkins.

Amazing isn't it? When it comes to airport immigration officials can go wrong when examining the passport he was carrying.

Quoting from the site of The Lad Bible, Josh Reed said, "I am very surprised, why photograph passport looks like a brunette. Severe so that no one noticed this mistake. But our name is completely different, especially on the photos. It makes me wonder, how many people are out of the country with a false passport," said Josh.

Incredible experience, and not necessarily occur on other traveler, you might need a bit of luck. Experience traveled always brings a lot of surprises, even surprise waiting for is something to be expected as part of a sightseeing trip itself.

However, events such as these can provide lessons for every traveler around the world to more carefully before travel.

(Source W Setyo - detikTravel, Daily Mail, The Lad Bible /Images M Kretyawan)


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