Anticipation If Losing Your Passport

Travelers often have lost or stolen passport

Sydney Airport

Often once in a sightseeing trip we often unaware of anything, so it opens the opportunity to lose something, such as when we lost passport.

Lost passport has become part which we find in the course of the tourists of the world, for example, cites an article in the tourist sites, approximately 20 thousand British passport has been lost or stolen in the past year.

The thieves always have ingenious ways to trick, for example, distraction techniques, with different ways of physical contact or ask something, so that a campaign is enabled to provide awareness to the tourists, "Know Before You Go", to educate people to avoid as victims of crime.

Baggage and travel documents inspection, Sydney Airport

In fact you can see further how it can happen, through a video to help tourists stay safe on their journey.

Some things need to be considered in order to avoid this kind of thing.

1. Be alert to the surrounding environment.
2. Keep an eye on every stranger/foreigner. 3. Keep your passport in a safe place / locked (advice from the embassy).
4. If you still want to carry a passport, make sure the passport is not visible.
5. Travellers make two photocopies of passport (one in staying at a friend/family member, another held on your own).
6. Always carry a photocopy of your passport when you want to walk around at night, for example, to the crowd/entertainment.
7. Check the validity period of a passport, for example, there is a country that enforces a passport valid for six months after the date you are traveling.

Lost passport will be troublesome, lost vacation time, report to the local police, completing the necessary procedures at the embassy, as well as the costs incurred.

Of course, you do not want to lose your passport, don’t you?

(Source Windratie – CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images J Elizabeth Tobing)


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