Most Popular Love Padlocks in the World

Write down the name and the couple in a padlock will make their love eternal

In some places in the world to places that the objectives of the couples who are in love, they do a variety of ways to show their love of immortality.

One way of expressing love is by giving gifts, give flowers, buy chocolates and others.

Well, installing a lock seems to be one preferred way of couples who love each other, is by installing a padlock, and the goal is quite clear, namely to make their love eternal.

Padlocks of love often mounted in the bridge and a tree, and this would be an interesting attraction for tourists in the world, some of the popular places in the world actually preferred the tourists.

1. Paris - in the Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archeveche
2. New York – at the Brooklyn Bridge
3. Cologne – at the Hohenzollern Bridge that crosses the river Rheine
4. Dublin – along the historic Hapenny Bridge, Milleniun Bridge, Rosie Hackett Bridge and Boardwalk railing
5. Moscow – at the Luzhkov Bridge and riverside of Moscow
6. Enoshima – at the observation tower on the seafront of small island Enoshima, Japan
7. Italy – at the oldest bridge in Rome, Ponte Milvio
8. South Korea - in a tree and fence at the N Seoul Tower

Various ways of the couple showing their love, as a proof of love will always be immortal, so they are trying to make it happen.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images E Widi)


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