Car rental for Traveling

Reservations since some time earlier in order to facilitate onward travel

Travel trips can be fun if we have adequate means of transportation, such as cars rented from a car rental place in tourist destinations.

Some steps that can be done is a good preparation on the destination.

1. Booking since some time earlier. This needs to be done in order to get a good car, a lot of choice, and the price is still within normal limits.

2. Compare prices. Necessary so that we get a reasonable price and does not burden the travel budget. Note if you are traveling to a big city that the distance between the airport to the city center pretty much, because it affects the price of car rental.

3. Time of leasing. Car usage time determining rental rates, for example, 12 hours per day, 10 hours, even 24 hours, as well as additional costs when the time limit.

4. Use driver or not? It determines the budget travel costs, time and fuel. Indeed there is usefulness, for example, when you trouble reading maps or not familiar at all with your travel destination.

5. Pay in Advance. Despite this ease in administration, just make sure the system pay in advance, in case of cancellation, so that money can be returned.

6. Check the fuel, whether it is charged? Of course you need to ask in advance, there is a car rental that will reimburse your fuel. And save the receipt of payment from a refueling point.

7. Check the Car Condition. Perform along with officers from the car rental place, in order to satisfy both sides. Note any scratches or other things, brake, water carburetor and others. Even do not hesitate to take photos of the car before it is used.

All preparations before traveling done carefully, so that leisure activities more enjoyable for you and your family.

(Source M Chairunisa - Kompas Travel /Images A Shita Devi, M Kretyawan)


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