Old Town of Jakarta, always crowded with tourists

City temperature increase during the month of June to 35-36 Celsius

Despite the city's air so high, there is increased during certain months to make citizens feel disturbed to perform the activity, the temperature continues to rise without control.

Apparently the hot air does not become a barrier, tourists still comes to meet the corners of the court of Fatahillah Square and various other old buildings.

Various activities carried out in the surrounding area, especially for fans of culinary and photography enthusiasts, come to find images of objects that will be immortalized through their own digital cameras.

Tourists come from all over the surrounding area and foreign tourists, who want to reminisce recall a time ever so glorious in the past.

You can navigate every niche of the building, come to some spectacular buildings and might find it interesting along the surrounding communities, an area located on the eastern edge of River Ciliwung.

Visit some museums, such as Fatahillah Museum, Puppet Museum, Museum of Ceramics, and also the Museum of Bank Mandiri.

(Source WA Prodjo - Kompas Travel, T Naibaho - Kota Tua Jakarta /Images P Widi Hatmi, MA Chaniago, V Puspitasari)


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