Singapore Seeks to Stimulate Tourist Arrivals

Compared with last year, the number of visitors arrival decreases

The lion country experienced a decrease in the number of tourists visiting the country, it is obtained through the data of tourist visits, or known as the VA (visitors arrival).

As presented by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in June 2015, the downward trend seen visits, visitors coming to Singapore in this period was 4.9 million, minus 5.4 percent than the period January to April 2014, a special month of April 2015, numbers slumped three percent compared with April 2014 last month.

They work hard to increase tourist visits, including through tourism promotion event "Singapore Jubilee" or birthday celebration 50th Singapore (SG 50), a series of promos on offer, even begin to look for tourists from their neighboring countries.

While some countries has been regarded Singapore as a major tourist destination, to fill a short vacation, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and even from China and Australia, it can be seen from the period of the visit in January-April 2015.

Most tourists who visit this country in the period, such as Indonesia (839 thousand tourists), China (663 thousand), Malaysia (361 thousand), Australia (335 thousand), India, Japan, Philippines, and Korea.

Tourism has become an important issue for many countries, as one of the significant contributors to economic progress of a country, and also a sign of the growing economic relations between the two friendly countries through tourist visits.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, STB /Images V Saver, M Kretyawan)


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