Weh Island, Aceh's main destination tourism

Weh island located about 18 nautical miles from mainland Sumatra Island

Islands around Sabang

Indeed, people often talk about Sabang as a tourist destination, but often forget about Weh Island, the island is included in the trade zone and free port of Sabang.

Sabang is already known by tourists the world, because of the presence of cruise ships that stop in this region.

Aceh government saw a great opportunity to develop the region, given the potential for tourism around the area, so they are working hard to improve the infrastructure and resources to support tourism.

Fishermen boat

Boiled crab noodles

Tourist areas around Aceh is superior in natural uniqueness, potential history and a strong tradition of being the main attraction besides the Acehnese culinary which has its own uniqueness.

Island at the north end is always open tourist imagination to see the diversity of unique tourism, as recommended by tourists from the cruise ships go crazy've been to this region.

(Source Kompas Travel, Antara, L Pandjaitan - Sabang /Images L Pandjaitan)


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