New Innovations, Drinks and Equipment for Anti Jet Lag

Introduced in North America, previously in New Zealand and Australia

Traveling by plane does provide a lot of convenience for world travelers, traveling to various tourist attractions in a relatively quick and easy, but it is present behind the other hand, because of the risk of experiencing jet lag and the impact of crop.

It is very annoying of course, that it becomes a challenge for the company beverage industry, for example, a Dutch company, Vitalit Laboratories launched FlyFit, branded food and antioxidant beverage packaging, which is claimed to increase endurance, prevents dehydration, and nourish the skin.

FlyFit favored by some commercial airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, and United Airlines, and then offered to the passengers, pomegranate and blueberry flavored drink is packed with raw fruit extract, a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

There are many more diverse types of beverages produced by the company beverage industry, for example 1Above, and Vitality Boosters.

You will not even suspect, an other products, HumanCharger are small portable devices like iPod, then the other products are Entrain and Jet Lag Genie is designed to help offset the effects of jet lag, by calculating the sleep schedule is based on the travel time of passengers and sleep patterns.

Industry to be positive to give a response to the world of tourism, various ease in travel, given the impact of jet lag disorder which is very harmful for the sufferer.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, NY Daily /Images Singapore Airlines)


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