Countries that are favored by fans of culinary

Based on research from CNN to the traveling foodies

Italian Pizza

Through the opinions of the readers, the research conducted by the choice of most countries in the world tourist destination, especially for hunters who enjoyed food culinary specifics of the destination.

Culinary hunting has become an adventure in itself, and we know every tourist or a country always has a unique tourist destination in their culinary.

Taipei Culinary

We certainly would not realize it, but after knowing the results of the research, it turns Asian countries into an attractive regional culinary tourism for tourists in the world.

Here are the results of a study conducted by the CNN.

1. Taiwan - 8242 voters
2. Philippines - 1528 voters
3. Italy - 810 voters
4. Thailand - 470 voters
5. Japan - 443 voters

6. Malaysia - 265 voters
7. Hong Kong - 236 voters
8. India - 205 voters
9. Greece - 167 voters
10. Vietnam - 162 voters

A survey which gives an idea of ​​the wealth of spices in Asian countries, so tourists can make their choice. Of course, for fans of a country-specific culinary tourism destination.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, CNN /Images K Li Na)


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