Challenging Diving Region Along with the Shark

Cat Island in the Bahamas with its interesting underwater topography

Bahamas at Sunrise

Sure you will love diving tourist area in the tourist area of the Bahamas, with the shape of under water depth, steep rock walls capable of providing its own charm, and enjoy the unspoilt coral reefs decorate in the water.

In sea water of Bahamas, Cat Island is so well known by the tourists, and of course for professional divers in the world, when it came time on vacation.

Well, what if in the water that looked stunning and beautiful, colorful fish in the depths of the heart stunning, hundreds of fish and beautiful corals, as well as a means of relaxation for the divers, then shook activity, ie while raising your adrenaline, together with the predatory sharks.

Sea water of Cat Island

Worth a try, isn’t it?

Among divers give a few places in the world for the lovers of diving, for example, on Cat Island, Bahamas, then you can find other challenging places, Guadalupe in Mexico, Wilmington in North Carolina, Cocos Island in Costa Rica, Fish Rock Cave in Australia, and a place worth visiting, namely Gansbaai in South Africa.

Cat Island can seem tempting for some of the divers, in addition to exotic places mentioned above, the charm of coral reefs and rocks dazzling underwater, just believe, you will be greeted by the sharks in the waters around, such as a white tip ocean sharks, tiger sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks and lemon sharks.

Exciting and thrilling actions, it attracted the attention and shake up the adrenaline, what a great adventure. Worth a try!

Source: M Chairunisa – travelKompas, Conde Nast Traveler
Image: N Mayo - Bahamas


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