Travelers have more Confidence in Online Information through Forums and Blogs

Based on a survey of Smart Travel of the

Tourists in Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Tourism is increasingly different times in the search for sources of information, given the information age-based virtual world that continues to provide the data and interesting facts from the tourists in various corners of the world tourist attractions.

A survey conducted in April and May 2015 to the tourists on which the speakers are used as a guide reliable when they want to travel.

Indeed, travelers have regarded the activity of searching for information through online information as a convenience, even like the fact that they faced, which is easy and fast.

Here are the results of a summary of the best tour guides source version of Smart Travel.

1. Online forums - 34 percent
2. Blogs and personal travel websites - 28 percent
3. Input of the local population - 13 percent
4. Books printed travel guides - 12 percent
5. Travel Applications (apps) - 9 percent
6. Other - 4 percent

Another source they like is the experience of the tourists who had already venturing into a tourist spot through travel stories. A miracle of the Internet and the development of the telecommunications world, of course.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, /Image F Benjamin)


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