Sousse in Disaster, Travelers became Victims

Armed shootings that killed more than 27 foreign tourists from Britain, also from Germany, Belgium and Ireland

The region has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and warm, mild wet winters, visited by at least 1,200,000 visitors every year to enjoy its hotels and restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, beaches and sports facilities, according to excerpts of articles from Wikipedia.

A tourist town located on the edge of the Tunisian coast, 20 km from the international airport of Monastir, on Friday, June 26, 2015 into a disaster zone yesterday, after gunmen strafe rifle into a crowd of tourists, in the area around the two hotels, including Hotel Imperial Marhaba.

Starting the loud bang from the direction of the hotel complex, then the sound of hysterical screams of a group of tourists who were running from the direction of the beach, seen someone lying on the beach, tense atmosphere for tourist areas in Tunisia.

Bad experience for tourism in this country, need time to recover, as happened in other tourist areas, security forces are now working hard, they are now pursuing other suspects attacker, while one of the attackers were killed.

Tourism is related to other factors that play a role in changing the social conditions of the local culture, and the dynamics of the region. Of all things is always a consideration, while on the side of the tourists, they need to ease of access, comfort, good service, and of course a sense of security.

(Source Kompas Travel, wikipedia /Image Bobik - wikipedia)


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